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The Omins is a strategy game where the player forges his faction of omins and use them to conquest other villages and increase his divine powers.

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The game has mainly a RTS setting but also includes colony sim and god game elements.

The project is under development, so some of the elements you find below may change over time.

The game does not have yet a release date, but a kickstarter campaign has been planned on March-April 2023. A build of the game will be ready before the launch of the campaign.

You can follow the development of the game at the following link:

Development board

Who are the omins?


The omins are tiny folks coming from different factions such as humans and orcs. They can  collect resources, construct buildings, train their skills, fight enemies and animals and reproduce.

Their behaviour and their abilities may change according to their faction and their traditions.


Omins have desires that need to be satisfied in order to keep them happy and healthy. The most important need of the omins is the food, but they can have other desires depending on their job and their faction. When happy the omin will be loyal to the faction, performs tasks more diligently and are more stimolated to reproduce.


Omins can perform different jobs: woodcutter, stonecutter, craftsman, fisher, hunter, soldier. Each worker is assigned to a working hut that presents different settings that can include the type of resources to collect, the area where search for them and so on.


Omins have a set of skills that they can improve by working, by fighting and by accomplishing special tasks. The skills improved at each level up depends on the type of job of the omin and on the experience profile assigned to him.


The level of an omin determines its rank and consequently the pay desire that determines is amount of claimed gold at each pay time. The Ranks defined by the game are 4: Novice, Regular, Expert and Veteran.


Each omin has his personality and can behave differently in situations. For instance, the discipline and the courage of an omin determine the conditions that make him flee or surrender. His greed determines the rate with which his desires increases.

The Game map


The world of the omins presents different habitats and each of them sustain different types of fauna and flora. Moreover, some resources can be found only in determined habitat. All elements of the game map including habitats are randomly generated.


Beasts have an important role in the game. Most of them can be hunted for their leather and for their meat. Some of them can also be tamed. Carnivorous beasts are generally aggressive and can attack the omins when they spot one. Herbivorous beasts are quiet but some of them can react when attacked.

The strategic view shows all the elements and units of the game map with the use of icons. This view is activated by simply zoom out over a certain threshold and replaces the use of the minimap.


The Fog of war hides the elements of the map not discovered by the player. The omins and certain type of buildings can illuminate the game map. Also some divine powers can be used to illuminate the map.


The Resources

Omins can collect different types of resources which serve to different purposes: food to feed omins; wood and stones for constructions; flakes, bronze and iron for the crafting of weapon components; gold for paying specialized omins.

Components are resources manufactured by craftsman and are used to craft tools, weapons and armors.


The collected resources are stored in resources depots. Some depots can store different types of resources and can be configured to forbid the storage of a resource. Moreover, the player can set the priority of each depot, so that the resources are transported by omins from lower priority depots to higher priority depots.


The Combat


The game defines three main soldier classes: melee soldiers, ranged soldier and mages. According to the type of equipped weapon an omin can belong to a precise sub-class (swordman, bowman, spearman, fire mage, ...)


All soldiers have an equipment composed by an armor, a primary weapon and a secondary weapon. The player can change the equipment of the omin by choosing between the available weapons that are compatible with the type of soldier and with his rank.


The game defines different types of damages: cut damage, piercing damage, impact damage, fire damage, ice damage, electric damage.

Each animal and omin has a natural defense against these damages. Weapons and amors can also be imporved to inflict and defend from specific damages.


The research permits to unlock new tools and weapons and improve the ones already avalaible. Workers occasionally generate new ideas that can be developed by dedicating part of their time to the research activity.

Divine powers

The player can use divine power to attack enemy units or to heal and support ally omins.

In order to use these powers a special resource called mana is needed. The mana can be collected in different ways. When praying or killing an enemy the omins collect the mana for the player.

Omins Explorer


Similarly to a file explorer, the omins explorer can be used to display and select the omins belonging to the player's faction. It reports also the current activity of the omin, its health, the skills level and the rank. Different buttons and controls permits to display and select only the omins in a certain category or only the omins on screen.


My name is Natale and I love to play strategy games since I was young. I loved particularly god games titles such as Populous, Dungeon Keeper and Black & White.

In 2020 I decided to leave my job where I worked for almost 7 years as PhD engineer to create a new strategy game inspired by those classic god games and new colony sim games such as Rimworld.

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