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The strategy game inspired by the classic god games

The Omins is a real-time strategy game where the player plays the role of a deity and leads his faction of omins across fantastic worlds, builds their villages, trains their skills, satisfies their needs, and sends them to combat.

The greatest enemy of the omins is the destruction deity Nefasto and his army of Gormuns who wish to populate the world of only disgusting and stinking people!

Will you survive to their attacks?

Will you face Nefasto in the final battle?

Will be YOU the savior of the omins? 

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Colony simulation

  • Two factions of omins: humans and orcs. Others will be added later.

  • Omins have desires that must be satisfied to keep them healthy and happy.

  • Omins can be assigned to jobs such as woodcutter, stonecutter and crafter.

  • Logistic: the game resources are objects that must be transferred between the extraction points and storage depots.

Army management

  • Different types of soldiers: swordman, axeman, spearman, bowman, firemage, icemage, ...

  • Three categories of skills: combat, physical and mental.

  • Omins can level up by training, fighting and working.

  • 5 expertise ranks: beginner, regular, expert, veteran, hero

  • Weapons can be unlocked and improved by progressing in the research tree.

Real-time battles

  • 3 types of physical damages (cut, pierce, impact) and 3 types of magic damages (fire, ice, electric)

  • Attacks can inflict debilitating effects: stunning, freezing, poisoning, bleeding.

  • When defeated, omins can be rescued or captured by enemies.

  • Omins may decide to flee to save their life.

Game maps

  • Different habitats with their flora and fauna.

  • Animals can be hunted or tamed. While some of them are quiet, othes can be extremely aggressive.

  • Seasons and weather system.

  • Fog of war to hide unexplored areas.

  • Strategic view that replaces objects with icons.

Gardians and divine powers

You can control your faction of omins thanks to the presence of a Gardian, a titanic beast which extends your power over the world of Ominia.

As long as the Guardian lives, the omins will worship you and you will be able to use a certain number of divine powers permitting, for example, to heal them or unleash firestorms and lightnings on your enemies.

But if the Guardian dies, you will be excluded from the world of Ominia and you will lose all your powers over it.

Story mode

The omins of the player will travel from world to world in search of the powers permitting them to defeat the destruction deity Nefasto.

During their stay in each world, the omins will be attacked by the Gormuns, disgusting creatures appearing using magical portals.

The player must complete all the objectives in each map and then transfer his omins to the following world before the final invasion of Gormuns.

At the end of the campaign, the player will face the final battle against Nefasto and his hordes of Gormuns to decide the fate of all omins.


The game is under development. You can follow its progress by clicking the button below:

We are planning to launch a KICKSTARTER during 2023 in order to finance the rest of the development, to obtain more visibility and enlarge our community. A DEMO will be published at the launch of the crowdfunding campaign, so backers can appreciate the project at the current state.

The release of the game on steam is planned for the end of 2024. But a lot depends on the outcome of the kickstarter campaign and on the duration of the beta phase.


What genre of game is The Omins?

Even if it's early to be defined as a god game, it is what is going to be.

At the current state, we can define The Omins as a real-time strategy game inspired by classic god games.

What is a god game?

Generally, in god games the player plays the role of a deity that interacts with the world and its inhabitants with the use of divine powers or through the control of giant creatures. Classic god games such as Populous, Black & White and Dungeon Keeper adds to the formula also colony sim and real-time strategy elements.

The Omins has all these aspects and even more.

What does The Omins bring to the genre of the god games?

The Omins mixes mechanics that can be commonly found in the classic god games mentioned above (deities, divine powers and giant creatures) and mechanics more focused on real-time strategy and colony management (factions, skills, logistics and others).

The result is a completely new game where these aspects fit together perfectly and has the potential to be extremely fun to players.

When will The Omins be released?

The release of the game in early access is planned for the end of 2024.

On which platforms will be released?

Initially only on PC via Steam (Windows, Linux and Ios).

What modes will have the game?

Initially there will be the survival mode where the objective of the player is to survive the attacks of the Gormuns until the opening of the portal that will bring them to safety. Later, there will be other modes such as "conquest" and "king of the hill".

The version 1.0 will have a campaign composed by 10+ scenarios combining different victory conditions.

Will there be multiplayer?

Initially there will be only single player.

But I've the know-how for implementing a multiplayer platform. Depending on the popularity reached by the game, I will evaluate the possibility to develop it.

What language options will be available?

Initially English, Italian, Spanish, French. More languages will be added later.

What titles inspired the idea of this game?

Mainly classic god games titles like Populous, Black & White and Dungeon Keeper. But also modern colony sim games like Rimworld.

Why Kickstarter?

I'm a solo developer fully working on this game for 3+ years and I'm using my personal economy to finance this project. I think Kickstarter is the most suitable choice for my situation because it will permit me to stay independent and develop the game according to my vision.

These are my objectives for the crowdfunding campaign:

  • Evaluate the attractiveness of the game at the eyes of the gamers.

  • Increase the visibility of the game and create a rich community around it.

  • Ensure the development of the game until its publication.

What are the challenges for this project?

Completing a game as a solo developer is already a challenge itself. Game design, programming, art, sound effects, animations, FX effects and even this website have been made almost completely by a single person.

The main challenge of the game design was to fit the mechanics from different genres in a single product and prevent that an aspect prevail over the others.

The communication is another complicated challenge. Due to their complexity, only few god games titles have been published during the last years. Consequently, not everyone knows what is a god game and in what it differs from the more popular village builders and colony sim games.

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