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Devlog 1 - The Hunters

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

Now Omins can become hunters after assigning them to a hunter hut. These workers search for preys, both within the work area configured by the player and around the hunter hut.

Once the prey has been killed, the hunter brings its corpse to the hut to butcher it and extract meat, leather and bones. The amount of extracted resources depends on the type of prey.

Hunters are equipped with javelins and with stone knife and will preferably use ranged attacks to kill the prey.

Hunters can also butcher the livestock when the number of animals present in a livestock area if greater than the limit defined by the player.

When selecting the hunter hut, the player will be able to configure the work area, the resources to be extracted from the animal corpses, the type of prey (herbivorous or carnivorous), and can enable/disable the butchering of livestock.

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