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Devlog 2 - Orcs, swamp habitat and skeletons

The Orcs faction

I've created the Orcs faction! more precisely, I designed their images and their buildings that include the houses, the worker huts, towers and walls. I did not define yet their characteristics except that they love to live in the swamp. Surely, they will be stronger and bigger than the human omins, but they are not very social which means they do not reproduce so frequently. Moreover, they will be probably a bit less clever.

The Swamp habitat

This new habitat presents the color of a wet land and contains new trees and vegetation:

I need to define the resources provided by each plant. As well, I will create the animals or the fantastic creatures that can be found in this habitat

Mouth animation

The "talking" animation was the first one created for the mouth of all the omins. New animations have been added for certain actions: run, attack, dying and working.


Dead bodies now decay and transform to skeleton after some time. Once they become skeleton, the resources that could be extracted by these bodies are lost. Skeletons will disappear after some seconds.

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