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The Omins


Temesa Games - Natale Guzzo


Brief Description

The Omins is a real-time strategy game inspired by classic god games where the player plays the role of a deity and leads his faction of omins across fantastic worlds, builds their villages, trains their skills, satisfies their needs, and sends them to combat.


Kickstarter: October 2023

Early access release: End 2024


Steam (Window, Linux, Ios)

Press / Business contact:

Steam page

The Omins on Steam

Official website


Twitter: @GamesTemesa

Youtube: @theomins

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The Omins is a real-time strategy game inspired by classic god games such as Populous and Black & White.

Who are the omins?

The protagonists are tiny people called omins and belonging to different factions such as humans and orcs. The player will build their villages, train their skills, explore the map, collect resources and send them to war. On the other hand, the omins have desires that need to be satisfied to keep them happy. When sad, they may refuse to reproduce and may even decide to leave the faction. They also have three sets of skills that can be improved by training, fighting and working.

Omins can be either simple villagers, or laborers or soldiers. According to the equipped weapon, there are different types of soldiers divided in melee, ranged and mage soldiers. When reaching a certain level of ability, soldiers can be promoted to higher ranks that allow them to use more advanced gears and attacks. However, soldiers belonging to higher ranks will demand gold and other privileges in return.

Deities and Gardians

Titanic beasts called Gardians represent the connections between the omins and their deities. Such creatures can fight and cast divine powers on behalf of the deities. Some of these powers are beneficial and can be used to heal omins or teleport them from one point to another in the map. Others are destructive and can unleash firestorms and other calamities. The killing of the Gardian breaks the connection between the omins and the deity that, consequently, will be banned from the world of the omins.

Story mode

In the story mode, the omins of the player will travel from world to world in search of the powers permitting them to defeat the destruction deity Nefasto and its army of Gormuns, disgusting creatures that appear using magical portals. The player must complete all the objectives and then transfer his omins to the following world before the attacks of the Gormuns become overwhelming. In the final scenario, the player will face the final battle against Nefasto to decide the fate of all omins.

Key features

  • Two factions of omins (humans and orcs), each one with different characteristics. Other factions will be added later.

  • Omins have skills that can be trained and desires that should be satisfied to keep them healthy and happy.

  • Different types of soldiers: swordman, axeman, spearman, bowman, firemage, icemage, and others.

  • Weapons can be unlocked and improved by progressing in the research tree.

  • Omins may decide to flee to save their life, or stay and fight. When defeated, omins can be rescued or captured by enemies.

  • The game resources are not just counters but objects that must be transported by omins.

  • Gardians can fight and cast divine powers on behalf of the deities.

  • Different divine powers, some beneficial and others destructive. They will cost a certain amount of mana.

  • Different habitats with their flora and fauna.

  • Seasons and weather system.

  • Fog of war to hide unexplored areas.

  • The strategic view replaces the minimap and can be enabled by modifying the zoom.



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