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Devlog 4 - Omin skills

The definition of the skills and the traits of the omins is one of the subjects on which I changed my mind so many times. At the beginning I was defining a huge number of skills (something like 50+ skills). Later I wanted to reduce them to a more reasonable number, but I ended with only few skills. So I decided to write down some rules to help me with this task:

  • Omins should have a reasonable number of skills. If too many, they may be overwhelming for new players and casual players. If too little, they become not interesting for experienced players.

  • Skills should be divided in categories in order to look more manageable for the player and not confound the player with a long list.

  • Skills should be easy to understand so that players do not need every time to read information about them.

  • Skills should be functional and not conflict with each other. If two skills perform similar function, then one of them needs to be rewritten or discarded.

The application of these rules are not that easy because the functionality and interpretation of a skill may be a subjective matter. So, I tried to name the skills taking inspiration from games that most of gamers knows like pokemon and dark souls.

So, let's see know the results of all these considerations. But keep in mind that this is not a definitive list. Some changes can occur during the development (especially for mental skills).

The skills I defined are divided in three categories: combat skills, physical skills and mental skills.

Combat skills

The combat skills affects only the performances of the omin during a combat. Omins have two attack skills and two defense skills that determine the attack inflicted and received with physical and special attacks.

Physical attacks can inflict three types of damages:

  • Cut damage.

  • Pierce damage.

  • Impact damage.

Special attacks can inflict three types of magic damages:

  • Fire damage

  • Ice damage

  • Electric damage

The Stamina is an important factor when performing physical and mental activities. A dedicated devlog will be published to explain its mechanics.

Keeping this in mind, we see now the list of combat skills.

Combat skill



Determines the damage inflicted using physical attacks.

Special attack

Determines the damage inflicted using magic attacks.


Determines the damage received by physical attacks.

Special defense

Determines the damage received by magic attacks.


​Determines the probability of critical hits when using melee attacks and the precision when using ranged attacks.

Omins can improve combat skills by using training dummies and by fighting with enemies.

Physical skills

The physical skills affect all physical activities including physical jobs and physical combat.

Physical skills



​Determines the max weight that can be carried by the omin. If the weight transported by the omin is close to the limit defined by his strength, then the moving speed of the omin will be reduced and the stamina consumed by the omin increases at each step.

Some tools and weapons need a minimum level of strength to be used. When the strength of the omin is below this level, then the stamina consumed and the time needed to perform the attack increases. Depending on the weapon, the final damage of an attack may change according to the strength of the omin.


Determines the performances of some activities like crafting, gathering and fishing.

Some tools and weapons need a minimum level of dexterity to be used. When the dexterity of the omin is below this level, then the stamina consumed and the time needed to perform the attack increases. Depending on the weapon, the final damage of an attack may change according to the dexterity of the omin.


​Determines the moving speed of the omin and the stamina consumed at each step.


Determines the max stamina of the omin.

Omins can improve physical skills mainly by performing physical jobs, but also by training and fighting.

Mental skills

The mental skills affect all mental activities including mental jobs and magic combat.

Note: these skills are not yet developed and may change during development.

Mental skills



​Determines the stamina consumption of magic attacks.


​Determines the capability of the omin to generate ideas points that the player can use to research new technologies.


Determines the capability of scouts to discover new resources.

Moreover, it determines the visibility range of the omin.


Determines the probability to influence other omins.

Determines the capability of priests to convert enemy omins.

Skills, protections, and traits

Skills can be improved by collecting experience. This can be done by working, training and fighting.

The player can assign an experience profile to omins in order to determine which skills should be increased at each improvement.

The traits influence the behavior of the omin and cannot be changed or improved by the player. Some of the traits derive from the faction, others derive from the tradition, and finally also the individual personality of the omin can determine some traits.

The protections define the damage that can be absorbed by the omin (or animal) before affecting the health. Each unit in the game has a protection factor for each damage defined by the game: cut, pierce, impact, fire, ice and electric. Omins can increase their protection against these damages by wearing armors.

I am planning to better explain this subjects later with new devlogs ;)

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