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October 2023 Update

Updated: Jan 10

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Ufff! All this month I worked on adding new features to the game and improve its visual. More precisely, I defined most of the jobs that can be performed by omins and the most important upgrades that can be applied to houses and workers huts. This was a big step because permitted to solve some lacks in the gameplay of the upcoming demo. After that, I started to work on a more exciting and spectacular feature: special attacks! You will see below a video showing fire mages casting firestorms and ice mages casting icestorms. More attacks are coming later. You can follow the progress on the Development board at the link below.



New jobs for omins

Omins perform different types of jobs in order to collector resources, construct buildings and craft components for armors and weapons. Woodcutters are in charge of chopping wood; hunters kill animals in order to take their meat and skin; miners extract minerals and so on... Other jobs will be created in the future like the foresters, the herborist and the carrier.


Workers huts upgrades

In order to recruit a new worker, the player needs to assign an omin to workers huts which can be upgraded to unlock new jobs. A gatherers hut can be upgraded to a farmers hut; a sticks collectors hut can be upgraded to a woodcutters hut. A craftsmen hut can be upgraded to either a component makers hut or to a builders hut and so on... Workers hut can be also improved to unlock new functionalities, for example the capability to define a different work area.


Firestorms and Icestorms

Soldiers can learn special attacks after levelling up and reaching a new rank. These attacks spend a lot of stamina and have a cooldown. The attacks that can be learned depend on the type of soldier. In the video accessible from the link below we can see fire mages casting firestorms and ice mages casting icestorms. New attacks are coming later, also for warriors and rangers.


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That's all folks!

Please, support the project and share it with your friends and on social media😀 Finally, I'd like to thank all the new people that subscribed to this newsletter. Don't hesitate to contact me at the address below or on Discord to share your thoughts or ask questions about the project.

See you soon 👋 Gunax

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