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September 2023 Update

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New monthly update for The Omins!

In these last days I'm working hard on the development of new features that at the beginning were not planned for the first official demo, but which finally are necessary to introduce new mechanics. This change brings good and bad news. The good one is that the upcoming demo will have more features and will be more fun to play. The bad news is that its release date has been inevitably delayed. But I will try to do my best to release it as soon as possibile. Actually, I'm really excited at the idea to hear your thoughts about it 😀 I am highly confident that the demo will help a lot to enlarge our community. That's why, I'm going to focus on it during the next weeks. You can follow the progress on the Development board at the link below.



Rocks and minerals

Rocks and minerals: rocks can now contain also copper, iron and gold. These new resources are not immediately visible but must be discovered by geologists.

Houses improvements

Houses improvements: Houses now can be improved to increase their confort, the robustness and allow the omins to perform new activities in it (mating, healing). They can also be converted to specific uses such as mating houses and healing houses. Later I will introduce new uses for them, for example prisons.

Stonecutters hut improvements

Workers huts can be upgraded in order to enable new type of workers. A stone collector hut can now be improved either to stonecutters hut or to miners hut or to geologists hut. These upgrades enable the recruitment of stonecutters for the extraction of stones from rocks, geologists for the discovery of minerals and miners for their extraction.


  • New thoughts balloons so that the player can see what the omins are thinking.

  • Building signs:reporting notifications about the building (for instance to notify that a stockpile is full of resources).

  • Improved omins drawings and animations.

  • Several bug fixes.


That's all folks!

Please, support the project and share it with your friends and on social media😀 Finally, I'd like to thank all the new people that subscribed to this newsletter. Don't hesitate to contact me at the address below or on Discord to share your thoughts or ask questions about the project.

See you soon 👋 Gunax

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